Aavegotchi Launch Date, EulerBeats, Alchemix Announced

Decentralise Daily #108

📰 Decentralise Daily #108

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📊 Market Highlights:

👻 Aavegotchi Launch Date

Aavegotchi’s are NFTs that combine DeFi yield-generation through Aave with collectable ghost frens.

10,000 portals will be available, with each one allowing the user to choose one Aavegotchi.

The platform will be one of the first to launch on Matic (now Polygon), a scalable L2 solution allowing fast and cheap trades without centralisation.

Read the complete Aavegotchi Decentralise guide.

🥧 PieDAO

Decentralise is sponsored by PieDAO, the community governing tokenised indices.

PieVaults are a new product range, diversified yield aggregators capable of multiple farming strategies.

The first PieVault YPIE gives complete exposure to the Yearn Finance Ecosystem.

Mint YPIE gas-free with Oven.

🎵 Euler Beats Originals Sell Out

EulerBeats are generated audio NFTs with a novel sale mechanism.

Each beat has just one original, but users can purchase a print. Each print purchase rises the price of the next print for that track exponentially.

Any print owner can at any time burn their print and receive 90% of the previous sale price.

🧪 Alchemix Announced

Alchemix is a borrowing protocol that uses deposited funds to yield farm and can direct yield towards repaying the users’ debt.

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