Loopring v3.6: Interview With Matthew Finestone - Decentralise #48

Layer 2 AMMs, understanding zkRollups, and global Ethereum adoption.


Today I had the absolute privilege to chat with Loopring’s Matthew Finestone.

If you haven’t been following Loopring is a layer 2 DEX that provides instant and gas-free trading with a traditional order-book exchange.

With the latest update users can also be rewarded for providing liquidity with L2 AMMs.

The Loopring wallet also just launched, providing access to the platform with just a few taps.

I absolutely love Loopring’s focus not just on scalability but also global Ethereum access.

This is the revolution I signed up for.

Matt spent a lot of time writing some really detailed and insightful answers to my questions, and I hope it’s a valuable for everyone.

Let’s not waste any more time!


That’s all for today guys.

I want to thank Matt for taking the time to give such a detailed insight into Loopring and his thoughts on our space.

He laid out a really positive vision for the future of Ethereum adoption and an accessible and seamless L2 experience.

I can’t wait to see this made a reality, and Loopring are well on their way to this goal.

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