Pickle Liquity Jar, VitaDAO and Zapper Growth

Decentralise Daily #151

📰 Decentralise Daily #151

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📊 Market Highlights:

Pickle Finance Launch Symbiotic Liquity Protocol Jar

Pickle Finance have launched a symbiotic LQTY staking jar.

The jar stakes LQTY on the Liquity Protocol, earning both LUSD and ETH and compounding LQTY.

Liquity protocol can be compared with Maker, allowing users to deposit collateral and withdraw the dollar-pegged stablecoin LUSD.

Unlike Maker however Liquity only allows ETH as collateral, minimizing the debt risk. It also allows 0% interest loans, with borrowers only paying a one-time fee.

Read the full Decentralise Liquity guide.

Vita DAO Funded

VitaDAO is a decentralized intellectual property collective researching human longevity.

The Gnosis auction has surpassed the funding goal, raising 1,394.622 ETH worth $2,778,695 with four hours remaining.

Zapper Growth

Zapper now has now been used by 2.2M unique addresses, with 220k active users monthly.

The portal lets users access DeFi apps like Aave and Sushi on both the Ethereum mainnet and the Polygon sidechain.

Users can complete weekly quests to level up and unlock NFT rewards!

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