Sushi Pooltogether Lottery, Indexed and Sushiswap, 0x and Polygon

📰 Decentralise Daily #145

📰 Decentralise Daily #145

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📊 Market Highlights:

Sushi on Pooltogether

You can now deposit SUSHI into Pooltogether’s no loss lottery.

If you don’t win, you will automatically be entered into the next week’s draw.

200 SUSHI are being distributed to all depositors over the first 30 days, equating to a 500% APR at the time.

The current prize pool is $100,000 weekly.

Indexed Partners With Sushiswap

Indexed have announce they will be using Sushiswap as their primary source of liquidity.

The move begins with ETH-NDX and ETH-DEGEN pairs.

Uniswap liquidity incentives will continue for now but are expected to end.

0x and Polygon Partnership

The DEX aggregator and scalable sidechain are teaming up to drive 1M new users with a #DeFiForAll Fund.

$7M of MATIC and $3.5M of ZRX has been allocated to the 0x Community DAO which ZRX holders will decide how to use to grow the ecosystem.

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