Sushiswap Onsen and UI updates and ETH ATH

Decentralise Daily #91

📰 Decentralise Daily #91

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📊 Market Highlights:

🍣 Sushiswap Onsen Updates

Sushiswap have added new pairs to to the liquidity incentives program Onsen.

ETH pairs include NFTX, aETH, BAO and LDO.

There are also alt pairs such as BAC / BAB and certain pairs now have double yield enabled where users can stake their SLP with the native protocol and earn SUSHI on top.

Sushiswap have also unveiled a new UI with additional features.

Check it out.

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Ξ ETH All Time High

ETH finally broke it’s three year long all time high on Coin Gecko, hitting $1459.

There is now 2.2m ETH locked up staking on the beacon chain, worth $3.14b at the time of writing.

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- Tim Beiko’s EIP-1559 update.

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