BanklessDAO & Index BED, Alchemix Launch alETH, PleasrDAO Purchase OG Doge Meme for $4M

Decentralise Daily #146

📰 Decentralise Daily #146

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📊 Market Highlights:

Bankless DAO & Index Coop BED

Bankless DAO and Index have announced BED, an index containing BTC, ETH, and the DeFi index DPI.

Alchemix Launches alETH

DeFi users can now deposit ETH and withdraw alETH with Alchemix, opening a loan that will re-pay itself.

Initially a 400% collateral ratio is in place (deposit 4 ETH to withdraw 1 ETH) as well as a debt ceiling of 2000 alETH.

These limits have been put in place by governance to avoid big issues, and will likely be changed in the near future.

alETH loans are non-liquidatable.

PleasrDAO Buys OG Doge Meme

The PleasrDAO community was established to purchase @pplplsr1’s iconic Uniswap x*y=k NFT for 310 ETH ($529,000).

The community has now also picked up the OG Doge meme for $4M.

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