NFTX V2 Soft Launch, DAO Landscape, and Gitcoin Grants Round 10

Decentralise Daily #152

📰 Decentralise Daily #152

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📊 Market Highlights:

NFTX V2 Beta Launch

NFTX have announced V2.

NFTX provide NFT index funds. Users can deposit an NFT and receive an index token representing that asset, a divisible ERC-20 that can be sold via a Sushiswap pool.

V2 aims to improve liquidity by concentrating on just one vault per collection.

It will also introduce more meme-able token tickers, removing hyphens so that Twitter cashtags can be used.

Users who wish to redeem an NFT from a vault using an index token will also be able to select which NFT they wish to receive, where currently a random NFT was given.

A 5% premium is charged for this feature, which will be sent back to liquidity providers who stake their SLP.

DAO Landscape

There are now more than 100 DAOs managing over $10B in assets according to a survey by @Coopahtroopa.

The post breaks down existing DAOs into various groups, including collector DAOs, Media DAOs, Social DAOs, Service DAOs, Investment DAOs and Protocol DAOs.

Gitcoin Round 10

Over $635,000 has been crowdfunded for public goods in Gitcoin Round 10.

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